Kinder Goat Breeders Association
Getting Started
Congratulations on your choice of the Kinder goat!

Now that you've decided that Kinders are the right goat for you, you are probably a bit
impatient to get started. Below are explanations of how to proceed.

Goals & Expectations

While Kinders are amazing little goats that often thrive on less than their full sized cousins,
they still need good shelter, feed and care. Please see our "caring for your Kinder goat"
page to prepare for the arrival of your new goats.

In your search for Kinders, set realistic goals: starting with just two or three does and
finding a buck nearby for breeding will make the transition to goat owning go more
smoothly than tyring to start with a herd of twenty goats. Setting realistic goals for
breeding, selling and improving you herd will ensure your success. This is also true when
setting your expectations - expecting to get a gallon of milk for each of your does while
feeding no grain is not realistic, and will make your search and future breeding results very
disappointing. Instead, focus first on the conformation and health of the goats you are
buying. If your goats are healthy and conformationally sound, good care and feed will yield
excellent results in kid growth and milk production.  

Since the Kinder is a dual purpose goat, emphasis should not be focused too heavily on
either the milk or meat aspect, but rather on a goat that encompasses both. Whether you
decide to purchase Kinders from an established breeder or start your own lines, be sure
that the goats you purchase are healthy and free of disease. Some diseases are not
outwardly obvious, but can be detrimental to your herd and remain on your property for
decades. Remember - education is the best protection!  

The Association recommends that your very first animals be tested for Caprine Arthritis
Encephalitis (CAE). It is also recommended that a regular annual testing program be
established to ensure that your herd remains free from CAE. If you wish further information
on common goat diseases, please see the Articles section of the KGBA website.

Available Information

The Kinder Goat Breeders Association Breed Standard, Kinder Scorecard, and registration
information are all available on this website, and are very useful tools that can be used
while choosing new goats and during future breeding and culling decisions.

Harvey Considine's book “Dairy Goats for Pleasure and Profit” contains a section on Kinders,
and it is an excellent reference for all kinds of goat questions. “The Illustrated Standard of
the Dairy Goat” by Nancy Lee Owen, and “Dairy Goat Judging Techniques” by Harvey
Considine and George W. Trimberger are also excellent resources that will help you learn
how to evaluate your goats.

These information sources will give you the essentials to help you make wise breeding
decisions as you build your Kinders. Your first Kinders, realistically, will not be perfect. You
will find good characteristics in each animal, but not any one of them will have it all.
Begin with the very best animals you can afford, and work up from there.
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